Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing

Environmental Satement:

Ravens Mobile Pressure Washing will offer a high quality service to our clients that will meet or exceed both provincial and federal regulations. Our staff will be aware of the environmental impact of all day to day work aspects. For over 15 years, with many more to come, we have focused our energy on conservation efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

If your site or cleaning project requires the need to recover, recycle or treat the waste water generated by pressure washing, our truck mounted recovery equipment is the solution for you. With our state of the art process, we can guarantee that each cleaning project is fully compliant with Provincial and Federal regulations.

Eco Friendly Pressure Washing


All of our cleaning processes utilize phosphate free biodegradable products that are applied manually or at high pressure to ensure high quality cleaning with minimal environmental impact.


Our service crews contain the wash water discharge by blocking out, diverting and vacuuming up the waste water and collecting it into our onboard storage tank.


The waste water that our service crews collect can be discharged into your on-site oil separator or at an appropriate disposal facility.

Environmental commitment is found throughout our organization from policies to practices. Our environmental statement is the foundation of our cleaning process.

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